Massage Therapy by Suzanne - Healing, living, thriving!
Swedish: Long gliding strokes often done with lotion or oil. The benefits include better circulation, increased flexibility, stress relief, and restful bliss!

Deep Tissue: A more focused, and deeper pressure massage. Targeting certain muscles and requiring a slower application.

Hot Stone: Using hot stones and oil, the stones become tools to massage the body with long gliding strokes.

Chair Massage: Done in a special chair fully clothed with no oil or lotion, consisting mostly of compression and stretching. $1/minute

Foot Massage: $30/half hour and $60/hour

Massage Rate
Standard Rate:

Veteran's, Military, Police, and Firefighter's Discount:

Six sessions:
$65/hour for  $390 total
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Aquatic Massage Video
Now offering aquatic massage and fitness!